Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Made from 12 postcards and fabric tape. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

ATC Jacket 

This tutorial is a very generic one, it is meant to get you going! Use your own creativity to may your own unique ATC with Jacket!! 

*Scrapbook papers - one or two sided/thin is better.
* Made ATC
*Other misc papers for adding to Jacket
* General supplies - scissors, ruler, etc
*any other supplies you feel you would use!

First begin by cutting you scrapbook paper to 8x8 inches. This is an approx measurement, you can for sure play with it.  Place your ATC in the middle of the paper.  

Fold top and bottom, and both sides around the ATC. You may want to leave a bit of room on the sides depending on your ATC.  

Now cut off the corners, you can play with this too. This is the general jacket . Now you can add to your jacket.  (inside if you only used one sided scrapbook paper)  I also cut the corners so that the ATC will show a bit.  I added ribbon etc.  
Now go HAVE FUN!!!!